Image brochure was yesterday.
Moving images can do more.

In the past, people used to flip pages, today…actually the same, just not on paper, but on cell phones, tablets & co.
We don’t really know how many image films we have produced in the last 10 years.

But we do know one thing:

That we approach every project with the enthusiasm of a child. Because every company is its own cosmos,
has something unique. Finding that out and translating it into moving images is our claim.

And our passion!

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Sponsored by Activa: Hot clip in the cool ice hockey arena.

Image film Netzsch Analysing & Testing: There’s something in it!

Labelists: Less packaging is more!

Image film Leuwico: How a luxury desk is created.

Image film Netzsch Bruker: A strategic cooperation withcooperation with consequences.

Trade show film Rapa: On the big stage in Detroit.

Event film 150 years of Netzsch:

We capture them, the irretrievable moments and thus create an emotional bond with the company.

Imagefilm Schardt children´s furniture: Regional production instead of elsewhere.

Image film Milchwerke Oberfranken: High-tech makes taste.

Online image campaign ABM Greifenberger: We drive you!

Image film Haider Bio Swing: How the best office chair in the world is made.

Image film Raps: The way of spices.

Image film Fraas Signature: The passion for fashion, south and north of the Alps.

Imagefilm Steuerkanzlei Barth: Dry numbers with a smile.

Imagefilm Kliniken Hochfranken: If sick, then there .

Image film Leu: How energy comes into the house.