IGM Bayrisches Strohschwein


IGM Bavarian straw pig

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You can’t stop an idea whose time has come.

Pure nature, directly from the homeland, without any organic seal. What was started in 2015 as the Straw Pig initiative by a few activists has now matured into a successful model.

Product quality for the customer, quality of life for the animal: a win-win situation for man and pig.
The project supports the regional value chain – sourced and processed only from within a 50 km radius.

We took over the branding in 2015, from the design of all print media to the production of an image film. A new website that acts as a networking platform between consumers, butchers, farmers and restaurateurs was launched in 2021. Since then, there has been tremendous growth; both in members and in sales of straw hog products. Good for everyone, because regional is cool, not stingy.